Give us a situation and we will get you story out of it.
The Storyteller Entertainment (in short: TSE) caters to the production of a variety of videos including Short & Feature Movies, Corporate Videos, Events & Travel Videos, etc, and also in developing and writing scripts for Short & Feature Movies.
TSE believes that every project, in some form or another, is a story to be told. Each of these stories has a certain mood to it as required by the client. We offer creative ideas/video solutions to our clients based upon their requirements. Our approach and dedication towards every project is to achieve maximum client satisfaction.
TSE takes great pride in the creative process as a whole and, thereby, forms everlasting relationship with the clients.
For business inquires and future projects, write to nishanth.zerocool@gmail.com
and we shall respond soon.

About the Owner
Nishanth Gopinath is a Filmmaker and the Owner of The Storyteller Entertainment. While his focus has been in providing video editing services to clients, his passion and main interests lies in Directing, Writing and Editing for movies.
Nishanth has graduated from an engineering college and further pursued his studies in a Video Editing certificate program for 6 months. When he is not writing or making films, it is distinctly apparent that he is making keen observations of live situations happening around him; possibly a character for his stories or a film shot for his next production. The inspiration he derives only helps him in creating twists & tales, thus transforming real-life situations into entertainment.
His favorite quote is said by Quentin Tarantino, a filmmaker he admires a lot and takes great inspiration from. “If you want to make a movie, make it. Don’t wait for a grant, don’t wait for the perfect circumstances, just make it.” It was these words and a personal advice from one of his close friends that motivated Nishanth in taking the first step to turn his dreams into reality.
Fun facts about Nishanth:
•    He’s an early morning riser and loves working during daylight hours.
•    His nights are spent in watching movies/TV shows and, occasionally, working on projects due to client’s deadlines.
•    He has won some accolades with his script writing.
•    His ability to make movie scene references during a conversation still baffles people.
•    He has an interest to share his own personal life experiences, but mostly resorts listening to other people’s live stories.
•    Crazy is the word mostly associated with him by his friends and family members.